Tasty Modern Mexican, zingy tequila
cocktails, super-chill ambience.

Que estas esperando?

Founded in 2000, Cafe Iguana serves up tasty modern Mexican dishes, zingy tequila cocktails and super-chill ambience. We’re crazy about quality. Be it tequila or tacos, we strive to deliver a great dining experience, every time. We use only the freshest ingredients in our food and serve your exciting selection of cocktails made from 100% agave tequila and mezcal!

So sit back and enjoy that margarita, relax and find happiness all wrapped up in a fresh, warm tortilla.

Inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine, keeping reverent to fresh flavours and ingredients of Mexico
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Serving your favourite zingy tequila cocktails made from 100% agave tequila and mezcal.
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